Wholesaler's Dashboard Documentation


Misterwholesaler trying to serve the best of best to our wholesaler and customers.

For any business need to make business strategies. Here is all detail of your business. In home option you can find all detail or your earning and how much your products contribution in your sale. Sale Analytics, Sales By Products, Sold Items, Gross Sales, Fee, Refund, Average Daily Sales, Orders you Got, Shipping Cost.





Gross Sales, Sales By Products, Sold Items,  Fee, Refund, Average Daily Sales, Orders (you Got), Shipping Cost.





Store Manager can see the Store Analytics, Sales By Products, Notifications and Inquires.

Store Manager can review store status and latest topic here.


Media consists of the images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog/products. Store Manager can add or delete the media files here.




Store manager > Media 

Store Manager can see the media files here and can delete them any time.


Store Manager can upload or use existing media to Article, products, store Banner and ect.


In the online shopping the biggest challenge is marketing. Always worried about marketing?

Misterwholesaler allow you to create your own Social media platform, SEO search engine optimization”,

Now we have Articles Module. Here you can write blog, about your products and your store.


Store Manager > Articles > Add New 

Store Manager can write new Articles




Your Article will be visible on the website.


“copy the URL and post on social media or send by instant messaging or email it. Promote your store as you like”

Here you are going to experience the most easy way to publish your product ever.

Before adding your first product, let’s get familiar with how product categories, tags, and attributes work.


Supported product types are:

  • Simple
  • Variable


Simple products  :- 

  1. Go to Store Manager Dashboard > Products > Add Product.
  2. Enter a product Title, Price and Description.
  3. Set-up shipping.
  4. tax
  5. cross sale, up-sale
  6. minimum order quantity
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. inventory
  9. stock keeping unit
  10. Manage Stock
  11. Stock status         

publish  your product and YOUR  DONE 

You will have all flexible options to add/modify your store products.

  • Regular & Sale Price
  • Sales price scheduling
  • Featured & Gallery image
  • Category & Tags
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Tax
  • Attributes
  • Cross/Up sell products
  • Advanced options
  • Attributes
  • SEO
  • Product Policy


Variable Products :- 

To add a variable product, create a new product or edit an existing one.

  1. Go toStore Manager  > Products.
  2. Select the Add Product button or Edit an existing product. The Product Data will display.
  3. Select Variable product from the Product Data dropdown option.


Step 2. Add attributes to use for variations

In the Attributes section, add attributes before creating variations — use global attributes that are site wide or define custom ones specific to a product.

If adding new attributes specific to this product:

1/ Select Custom product attribute, and Add.

2/ Name the attribute (e.g. Size),

3/ Set values separated by a vertical pipe (e.g., small | medium | large)

4/ Enable the Used for variations checkbox.

You Can Add COLOR, SIZE and what ever you like

5/ Submit


Now Go to Variations 



Editing Many Variations

If you have more variations, use the buttons to navigate forward and backward through the list. Each time you navigate to a new set of variations, the previous set are saved. This ensures that all data is saved.


Setting Defaults

We recommend setting defaults you prefer on variations. In the example, we have no defaults set, so Store Manager can pick any color and size right away from the product page.

Variation Data

Each variation may be assigned.


  • Enabled – Enable or disable the variation.
  • Regular Price (required) – Set the price for this variation.
  • Sale Price (optional) – Set a price for this variation when on sale.
  • Tax status — Taxable, shipping only, none.
  • Tax class – Tax class for this variation. Useful if you are offering variations spanning different tax bands.


  • SKU – If you use SKUs, set the SKU or leave blank to use the product’s SKU.
  • Manage Stock? – Tick the box to manage stock at the variation level.
  • Stock Quantity – Shows if Manage Stock is selected. Input the quantity. Stock for the specific variation, or left blank to use the product’s stock settings.
  • Allow Backorders – Choose how to handle backorders.
  • Low stock threshold – Enter a number to be notified.
  • Sold Individually? – Allow only one to be sold in an order. (This is setting is used for the product itself. You cannot set a specific variation to only be sold once per order.)


Set Stock Status can be applied to all variations at once to In stock or Out of stock. Bulk-update under Variations.



  • Weight – Weight for the variation, or left blank to use the product’s weight.
  • Dimensions – Height, width and length for the variation, or left blank to use the product’s dimensions.
  • Shipping class – Shipping class can affect shipping. Set this if it differs from the product.

Linked products

  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Grouped

If the SKU, weight, dimensions and stock fields are not set, then it inherits values assigned to the variable product. Price fields must be set per variation.



Add an image for the variation

  1. Expand the variation.
  2. Click the red image placeholder (screenshot).
  3. Select the image you wish to use.
  4. Save.


This is what customer will see

On the frontend, when viewing a variable product, the user is presented with dropdown boxes to select variation options. Selecting options will reveal information about the variation, including available stock and price.



Now You Can Sell Different Size and Color Of Same Product.

To view orders that have been received, go to Orders in Store Manager Dashboard left menu. At the top of this screen you can view the standard filter and search area. A list of orders appears in order of date made:


Store Manager can:

  • Filter by status using the status links at the top
  • Filter by date
  • Search
  •  Sequential Order Number search also supported.



At the far right of each order are actions you can perform on the row:

  • View
  • Mark as Complete (only for Admin)
  • Mark as Shipped (only for Vendors)
  • Download PDF Invoice
  • Delete




You Can Check order detail here.

Coupon Management

Coupons are a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers, and can help promote sales across your shop.



To add a coupon:

  1. Go to: Store Manager > Coupons.
  2. Create a new coupon by selecting Add Coupon. Or hover over an existing one to Edit. Enter these fields:

    • Coupon code – Code used by the customer to apply the coupon. Must be unique as it’s used as an identifier.
    • Description (optional) — Info about coupon, e.g., Dates in effect, promotion, compensation, ticket number. For internal use.



Discount type :

  • Percentage discount – A percentage discount for selected products only. For example, if the cart contains three (3) t-shirts @ ₹30 each = ₹90, a coupon for 10% off applies a discount of ₹9
  • Fixed cart discount – A fixed total discount for the entire cart. For example, if the cart contains three (3)  t-shirts @ ₹30 each = ₹90, a coupon for 10 off gives a discount of 10.
  • Fixed product discount – A fixed total discount for selected products only. Customer receives a set amount of discount per item. For example, three (3) t-shirts @ ₹ 20 each with a coupon for ₹ 10 off applies a discount of ₹ 30.
  • Coupon amount – Fixed value or percentage, depending on discount type you choose. Entered without a currency unit or a percent sign, which are added automatically, e.g., Enter ’10’ for ₹ 10 or 10%.
  • Allow free shipping – Removes shipping cost when coupon is used. Requires Free Shipping to be enabled.
  • Coupon expiry date – Date the coupon should expire and can no longer be used. Expiry happens at 12:00 am or 00:00 on the date chosen. If you want a coupon to be valid through Christmas Day but invalid the moment Christmas is over, set the expiration date to YYYY-12-26 as it will expire on YYYY-12-26 00:00.




Usage Restriction

  • Minimum spend – Allows you to set the minimum subtotal needed to use the coupon.  Note: The sum of the cart subtotal + tax is used to determine the minimum amount.
  • Maximum spend – Allows you to set the maximum subtotal allowed when using the coupon.
  • Individual use only – Tick the box if you don’t want this coupon to be used in combination with other coupons.
  • Exclude sale items – Tick the box if you don’t want this coupon to apply to products on sale. Per-cart coupons do not work if a sale item is added afterward.
  • Products – Products that the coupon will be applied to, or that need to be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  • Exclude products – Products that the coupon will not be applied to, or that cannot be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  • Product categories – Product categories that the coupon will be applied to, or that need to be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  • Exclude categories – Product categories that the coupon will not be applied to, or that cannot be in the cart in order for the “Fixed cart discount” to be applied.
  • Allowed Emails/Email restrictions – Email address or addresses that can use a coupon. Verified against customer’s billing email.  Also allows you to include a wildcard character (*) to match multiple email addresses, for example, `*@mymail.com` would make any mymail address.




Usage Limits

  • Usage limit per coupon – How many times a coupon can be used by all customers before being invalid.
  • Limit usage to X items – How many items the coupon can be applied to before being invalid. This field is only displayed if there is one or more products that the coupon can be used with, and is configured under the Usage Restrictions. (Note: Option is only available if you are creating a Product Discount coupon.)
  • Usage limit per user – How many times a coupon can be used by each customer before being invalid for that customer.

Once you’ve configured all settings, select Publish and your coupon is ready to use.


Sending coupons

Once coupons are published, go ahead and make available to customers: Copy the Code and send, advertise it via email, social media and onsite banners.



Applying Coupons To Orders

coupons can be added to (or removed from) orders in the Edit Order screen. Orders must be unpaid and you need to know the coupon code you wish to apply.


“None of marketplace will share the customer detail with you but Misterwholesaler wants to grow with you”

How you don’t know who your doing business with?.

How about to have your own customer database?.

Customers are very much important for any business,.

Now, using misterwholesaler you can manage your customers and add new customer. see how much business your doing with them and what products your selling to them.




Store Manager > customers > view customers /  add new customers.

Store Manager can see customers from there Dashboard.



Select the customer you want to see detail, sale report and products you sold.




From Store Manager Dashboard > customer > Add New you can Add new customers.


“say no to Anonymous business. your products your customers”


Doing a business never been a easy.

Is my stock low?,

what your selling the most ?

what is out of stock ?

As a business man you need to know what’s going on in your Store.You must update your self.

Are you going to write your sales on the paper ? or planing to make excel sheet ? stress now ?

Don’t worry misterwholesaler offer you the most powerfull REPORT MODULE


Store Manager > Reports  

See your sales by Day, Week, Month, and year

choose date range you want to see sales.




Store Manager > Reports > Sales By Products 

Store Manager Can see

  • Sales By Products

  1. Product Search

  2. Top Seller

  3. Freebies

  4. Top Earner

  • Low In Stock

  • Out Of Stock



A Example of Top Earners Products


Store Manager Dashboard  > Payment

Misterwholesaler marketplace e-commerce sites payments come to  website account and payment distributed among Store Managers.

Here is one place to see all your payment details. Download PDF,  EXCEL,  CSV and PRINT them.





All Transaction History Store Manager can find here. click on transaction I.D. to see the particular transaction.




Store Manager can see the transaction here and can request for withdrawal.




Already you have Chat, Inquiry and Support Ticket modules, But now we have fallow wholesaler module too..

Now your customer can fallow you too,

If an customer follow a store then whenever a new product will publish to that vendor’s store followers will be notified.

User may also un-follow vendors from My Account  > Following Tab


customer can fallow you from your store page.



You can see new follower in notification board .

Store Manager Dashboard > Notifications 





Store Manager can see all followers from Dashboard




Customers can see there followers From My Account > Following and can un-follow from here too.

Customer will get email from store as they added products.

Support Ticket System allows the customer to post their queries at one go. They simply have to choose the query category, the product they have queries about, and the urgency, and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a ticket, and will be notified when a reply is posted. They can change the query priority and status in My Account, and add replies if required. The process, as is evident, becomes much easier and faster.


My Account > orders 



Customer can create a support ticket from their My Account -> Orders 



Customer support ticket submission form.

Allow to set:

  • Category
  • Priority
  • Product
  • Issues 



There will be a new “Support Ticket” tab under My Account for customer to check their tickets.



Customers can manage their tickets very easily.

  • Change priority
  • Change status
  • And of-course add new reply


Store Manager Dashboard 



You will have a new menu item under Store Manager Dashboard name “support” to navigate support dashboard.

Store Manager will see support tickets only for their products.



It’s very easy to manage support tickets from Store Manager Dashboard .

Also has the option to change ticket priority and status.




The notification for each and every activities for – Store Manager and Customer.

You will have both Email and Desktop Notifications

Already you have  Inquiry and Support Ticket modules, but none of these allow customer-vendor instant communication.

customer-vendor instant communication.

Now it’s time for your customers to directly interact with you.





Chat option on your store header







Chat option on your products





Customers will see their all chats history under My Account page for future reference.





wholesaler will also have their all chats history under their store manager dashboard.


It’s most important for any marketplace, how your vendors will setup their stores!

Misterwholesaler Marketplace will give you most easiest and peaceful here as well.

It will take less than 5 minutes for any seller to setup your store.




Whenever  first time subscribe or login to your store will have a “Store Setup” widget.

This will give you option to setup store essential setting at the very beginning.




If any wholesaler skipped setup widget or want to change any store setting in future then they can do this easily from their dashboard as well

Just have to go Dashboard -> Setting




Wholesaler’s setting page always shows a profile completeness progress bar top of their store setting page.

It also shows remaining setting suggestions. This will make wholesaler’s life more easy and give them right direction to setup their store.

Setting options are categories to give an overview which setting is for what purpose. Available setting categories –

  • Store
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • SEO
  • Customer Support
  • Store Policies
  • Store Invoice
  • Vacation Mode




“Store” category will give Wholesaler’s to set most essential parts of their store –

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Store Name
  • Store Slug
  • Store Phone Number
  • Store Address
  • Store Location





Store Manager may set different type of banners for their Store!

Available Banner types –

  1. Static Image
  2. Image Slider
  3. Video Banner

Just to mention, for video banner only YouTube video URLs are supported.




Store Manager may setup what they want to show or hide from their Store!

They may also manage “Store Name” position at their store page. Available positions –

  1. On Store Banner
  2. At Store Header




Payment is also very much essential as without payment setting Store manager will not able to withdrawal their Payment.




Store Manager may setup their store shipping with all available options from here.




Wholesaler may set their store social and SEO related setting from here.

  • SEO (search Engine Optimiztation) Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Facebook Title
  • Facebook Description
  • Facebook Image
  • Twitter Title
  • Twitter Description
  • Twitter Image




Store Manager may set customer support information separately.

  • Support Address
  • Support Email
  • Support Phone

These information are available to customers with Store Manager product in order details and store invoice.




Store Manager may setup their store policies from here –

  • Policy Tab Title
  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation Policy

Policies are visible at store page, Store Manager’s single product page, order details and store invoice.




Store Manager may setup their store invoice from here.




Vendor may setup their store invoice from here.



Now Your Good To Go !

Wholesaler Ledger Book going to give your most easiest way to check all your store transactions – commission, withdrawal, refund, partial-refund and charges as well.




Store Manager will have a new menu item under Store dashboard -> Ledger Book

Store total transaction history statistic visible at the top of the page –

  • Total Earning
  • Total Withdrawal
  • Total Refund



All transactions are visible as credit-debit format.

Store Manager can also see transaction type, details and status of that transaction.



All transactions are visible as credit-debit format.

Store Manager can also see transaction type, details and status of that transaction.


Transaction type filter is also there.

Misterwholesaler Marketplace will give you option to set your store’s open and closing hours. You can also set week off days.


Wholesaler are allowed to setup their store opening/closing hours from wholesaler Dashboard -> Setting -> Store Hours Tab Setting Options –

  • Enable/Disable – Whether they want to enable store hours or not
  • Disable Purchase During OFF Time – Whether they want to purchase during store close time
  • Week OFF – Weekly off days
  • Daily Opening & Closing Hours – Daily store opening and closing hours

 “Store Invoice” setting tab under…….Store Manager > Dashboard -> Setting.





Wholesaler may define their store invoice number format. Store specific invoice numbers will be separate, starts from “1” and will increase sequentially.

  • Wholesaler may add additional information values from here as well.
  • Wholesaler can also set store disclaimer and attach their digital signature.

Though you create store products with lots of information and details but still customers are not satisfied. They want to ask few more things for their specific needs, want to communicate directly with you.




A “Enquiries” tab under every single product page.




For misterwholesaler Marketplace – customers may send inquiry directly from your store page as well.





Logged in and logged out both customers can ask queries from here, no restriction.





customer’s are allowed to manage their Inquiries at My Account page -> Inquiries.


Whenever a enquiry posted notification will be sent to it’s associated Store Manager directly. Store Manager will have –

  • Email notification
  • Direct message
  •  Enquiry message




Store Manager will have their own “Enquiry Dasboard”  under  Store Manager– Dashboard. Store Manager can check new queries and take necessarily actions very easily.

There is a very useful “product filter” as well.

Also have instant notification at top bar so that vendor don’t have to open this board all the time to check for new queries.





Store Manager can very easily add their reply for a query from here.

It also comes with another option called “Stick at Product Page” – if you enabled this for any Inquiry reply then it will listed under single product page Inquiries tab.

Customer of that inquiry will have your reply in their email all the time.


Managing product stocks is one of the most painful job for a ecommerce site.

Just think for a moment, you have to update stock for 50 products (5 variations each) and you don’t have bulk stock updater. I am afraid to write the line even, you have to edit all those products one by one then change stock and update all.

It’s time to be relax, MISTERWHOLESALER is now allowing you to do all this just by single click and even from Front-end Product Manager.




You will have “stock manager” button at products dashboard.




Now, here it is.

A single screen for managing your all products (including variations) stock at one click. you can manage from here –

  • Stock status
  • Stock quamtity
  • Backorders
  • Manage stock enable / disable


Refund/Exchange is very much important part for any e-commerce system.

Sometimes, user only purchase if and only if they found a proper refund policy for the site!

This Marketplace going to ease the refund system for Store Manager.




Customer can make refund request from there dashboard.

My account > Order > refund

Customer have to give the reason for refund

After approval of refund you can open the refund ticket from Store Manager Dashboard.

Store Manager > Orders 

You can Add a note for refund / refunded item for customer and offer a coupon to bring back them.


misterwholesaler and Store Manager will get notification.

misterwholesaler will launch  the investigation.

After the approval from wholesaler refund will be approved. 



Communications are really very important for any system. wholesaler has to be updated with all activities through out their store and most importantly from a single point of view. Store Manager Message Board also works as wholesaler-Admin Chat Board.

Store Manager > Notification 


wholesaler may also send direct message to Admin and can receive messages from Admin.

Message Board is ("Auto refreshed so no need to reload") the page to check for new messages.

In top bar message board icon will show new message count as well.



Let your customer experience your best product and service

Shipping tracking is one of the most important part of any e-commerce site. Using Store Manager Dashboard You can mark every item for an order as shipped.

send them tracking url of shipping to track there order

Customer can confirmed as they received the item.



Store Manager > Orders > Order Number / View Order > Shipment Tracking

Go to item number or view item




Mark item as Shipped for an Order




Go to Shipping Tracking




Insert shipment tracking URl




What Customer will see

Customer can:

  • View shipment status of their ordered each item
  • Have Tracking URL to check status in details
  • On receiving an item they can “Mark as Received” as well






Store policies are very much important for any e-commerce sites.

Now, using Store Manager Dashboard you may define all types of policies for your store and products.

  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy



Store Manager can set overall site product policies from Store Manager Dashboard -> Setting -> Store Policies
Wholesalers are allow to set their policies for their own store.

Policies can be set from Store Manager Dashboard -> Setting -> Store Policies Tab

Wholesaler may also define Policy tab title from here.


It also possible to define policies for each product separately.
Policies can be set from Store Manager Dashboard – Product Manager -> Product Policies Tab.

Policies will be sent to customers with store invoice.


Wholesaler Verification creates a bridge of trust between your customers and your Store. Let your store identify true retailers among a handful of anonymous traders. Verify your store by  address, ID proof and even your social presence using this module.




You  have Verification section under their profile. Verification has three steps –
  • Identity Proof verification
  • Address Verification
  • Social verification
You may leave this when they are generally updating profile. There is a option “Prompt Verification”, if you click this then only your store information pass to admin for verify.




social will be auto detect as per social profile connection via API.




Store Manager will be always updated with their verification status. Even if you proceed step by step then you will have partial verification status.




On verification approve Store Manager will have status update on their profile page along with a message notification.


For any system / store there has to be some guide lines. Some well defined documentations are very much required for store users. Specially when you are running a multi-option store.

So, what will be procedure to those – Email or what?

Don’t worry, now you don’t have to go any where. Store Manager Dashboard will have all these. Just take a look



All information you need to run the store you can find here.


It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.



Your Social media Icon will be shown on your store page




Store Manager > Setting > Social (right top)




Store Manager  may set their store social  related setting from here.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Snapchat
  • You-tube
  • LinkedIn


All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.



Store Manager > Setting > seo

Store Manager may set their store social and SEO related setting from here.

  • SEO Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Facebook Title
  • Facebook Description
  • Facebook Image
  • Twitter Title
  • Twitter Description
  • Twitter Image



Store Manager > Products > SEO

Store Manager can set SEO key words and meta description in every product to rank up in search engine.


Need a break ? Going Away from your store for a while ?

Here is most essential option



Store Manager > Setting > vacation 

You can set your vacation here:

  • Instantly close

  1. Store Manager can close the store instantly

  2. Store Manager can disable purchase during vocation.

  3. Leave a note while away


  • Date wise close

  1. purchase will be disable till vacation date.

  2. Store Manager can disable purchase during vocation.

  3. Leave a note while away


**With out Disable purchase option will allow your customer to buy product




**With  Disable purchase option will not allow your customer to buy product they can see note from you